Full Care:  $500 per month

  • Horses are kept in their stalls during the day and turned out on large grass pastures at night.
  • Turnout groups consist of 3-4 horses.
  • Horses are fed grain morning and evening.  We currently offer 3 feed options made by Cavalor (see links page for more info on Cavalor Premium Feeds).
  • If horse receives 2+ supplements, we ask that the owner provides them in the form of SmartPaks or pre-mixed individual bags.
  • Hay is provided while horses are in stalls and in pasture during the winter. (Orchard Grass/Fescue mix grown on the farm)
  • Stalls cleaned daily, but typically multiple times per day.
  • Barn Manager lives on site.
  • Boarders have full use of the facility (ring, jumps, round pen, fields, trails).
  • Outside instructors are welcome with instructor’s insurance on file with the farm.
  • Blanketing: $50 per month (fly sheets/winter blankets)

Boarding Young Stock:

  • Our barn is built with young horses in mind – with the stalls having access to individual dry lots horses are not confined to small box stalls and can still move while kept in, which is especially ideal for horses that are growing.
  • We specialize in handling and training young horses – horses are handled daily and training sessions for specific issues (leading, tying, hosing, handling hooves, etc) are discounted for boarders and are on an “as needed or requested” basis.
  • Starting Under Saddle – owners who are boarding young horses with us have first option for Training Board space if they wish to have their horses started with us.
  • Do to less human traffic on the farm (owners not out regularly using the barn amenities or riding facility), we offer a small discount for young stock who are boarded – contact us for availability and more information.